New Behringer interface not compatible with Cubase LE 4 or AI 5?

Hi all. I just picked up a Behringer UMC404HD to replace to use with my near-ancient home recording setup. I still use a 2006 iMac (4GB RAM, OSX 10.7) with Cubase LE 4. I’ve had the same setup for the last 10 years. I picked up this new interface after my last interface finally crapped out.

So, the UMC404HD does not appear to be natively compatible with Cubase LE 4 in my current setup. Upon starting the program, I’m given a message telling me that the ‘ASIO driver Behringer UMC404HD could not be loaded’ (or something like that. Then I get another error message telling me that the sample rate has changed.

When I navigate to Devices > Device Setup, the Behringer DOES appear as my selected audio driver, but I continue to get the message. I AM getting a MIDI signal to and from the interface. Furthermore, i do NOT have any of these issues in GarageBand, and I am able to use my interface to listen to audio online, etc.

I downloaded an old trial version of Cubase AI 5 to see if this was just unique to LE 4, but the situation seems even worse in AI 5. When I navigate to Devices > Device Setup, I get a big red error message in the actual window that says ‘Device not supported’ or something similar.

So here are my questions:
-Is there anything I can do to keep my current setup but be able to use the Behringer in Cubase?
-If I were to finally upgrade to a more modern computer, pick up something like Cubase Elements 9.5, can I expect the same compatibility issues? Is there something about Cubase that just doesn’t play nice with the UMC404HD?
-If I were to upgrade to a newer computer with Elements 9.5, will I be able to bring all of my audio files and Cubase project files over to this new computer and have them open in my new environment?

Thanks in advance!

The UMC404HD works fine with modern versions of Cubase.

Buying a newer computer is recommended. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, I would recommend buying a Windows computer, which will offer similar performance to a Mac for cheaper.

You can move your files from your old Mac to a new Windows machine by following these instructions:

Please log into your MySteinberg and make sure that your software eLicenser is registered. This will allow you to move your Cubase license to your new computer in the future, and then you’ll be able to upgrade to Cubase Elements 9.5 for just 49 bucks. Compared to your Cubase LE 4, Elements 9.5 will add a crazy amount of new stuff on top of massively improving the workflow and usability. It’s totally worth it.

I am having a similar problem in that I have a UMC404HD going into a windows 10 laptop with a MIDI input going into the 404 (I am embarrassed to say what the MIDI input is - lets just say the WK-1800 was what I needed for some theater work I did a while back). I see the UMC404HD in the MIDI input area but not the Casio device. Is this what I should see? I only just moved to Cubase from a rival and not sure what I should see. I am not getting any recording of MIDI inputs when I have a Midi track recording either. I ask here because the originator of this feed seems to know much more about this than I do and maybe others will see it as well. Looking for help - thanks.