New Bezier Curves - MIDI?

So I was pretty excited to get the new Bezier curves in 9.5, but unless I’m missing something we don’t have this for MIDI CC automation? This was actually the main reason for me upgrading. I just assumed they would implement that. Did they not implement this or am I missing something? Either for the MIDI Editor or track CC automation.

EDIT: OK so it works on track automation but not in the MIDI Editor which is a shame. I didn’t realise that the icon wont show if you insert 2 breakpoints at the same value. It only works between 2 values that are different. I was hoping to be able to simply create one click curves between two exact points. It’d not really what I was hoping for. Oh well.


Exactly, the curve is for the automation only, not in the MIDI editors. So you can use an automation curve to control the MIDI controllers.

Raise a feature request, perhaps it’ll get into Cb10??

It’d be great to have curves and even straight lines to start with on the midi lanes. Logic has a good implementation of this which works well. I do a lot of lane editing of aftertouch and pitch bend and smooth changes in these values is sometimes very important.


Yeah this is really disappointing. I don’t know why this would be so difficult to implement. I’d find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t consider it useful.

For me, to edit the MIDI CCs curves is something else than an automation. With the CCs, I’m working more with the absolute values of every reach point. Automation is more relative - from value A to value B. So even the editing is a bit different. But I see your use case.

Yeah the bezier curves wouldn’t be a true representation of the Midi CC because of its resolution of 0-127.

Don’t care though, I do like the Bezier curves in the automation. My main problem with it is it’s not so obvious what you’re changing the values to if you’re pulling down/raising a section between two points.