New "blue" forum - hot, or not?

Better? The new “blue” forum introduced on 12 July 2017

    1. Yes
    1. No
    1. Not sure
    1. Don’t care

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I’m not a fan. I actually initially thought it was a hacking joke!

Among other things, less visibility of subforums at the top/more clicking to get to them, missing the name of OP/last poster in the right hand-hand margin, and no avatars on my cell phone. The blue color looks very 2003 vintage to me.

And I now seem to have a permanent (and incorrect) notice of a PM shouting at me in red at the top of the forum window?

As is often asked around here: the benefits of these changes is … what?

Sorry guys, the previous colors were calm to my eyes. This just jumps of my screen… you might as wel change the font to all caps… Is this not is the default forum styling from phpBB? looks like the styling php file got overwritten…

Hate it.

Colors were more calm before, I agree with Vinnie.

Also, this color scheme looks like a million other forums’ color schemes. The previous was different from everybody else’s.


It’s a default.
Mobile responsiveness is better than “calm” colors.

I really hate it! :frowning:

It’s not clear and very tiring on the eyes! :frowning:

How do we change it back?

You can’t. The added functionality is great, but the theme is pretty hard on the eyes. Hopefully they will add a theme down the line.

Edit- and now they have.

I change my mind. It’s still not much of an improvement, but I think I know what turned me off.
Right now I came here via a link in an email and arrived a few posts down and the red logo on blue background wasn’t visible.
So I thought maybe it’s OK-ish after all until I scrolled back to the top and there the monstrosity was again! :open_mouth: :laughing:
It’s a big no-no when it comes to web design, it just won’t work with red on blue smacking you in the face like that.
It didn’t work in the nineties when it was kind of popular and it won’t work now.

Other than that it’s not too bad … but the level of euphoria is somewhat constrained …

needs getting used to.i wont dismiss it yet

Mobile responsiveness and color shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Wow, is this the 90’s over again?

I am not a fan


If it ain’t broke, then why fix it!?


Yep, and Yep, respectively.

I want them to continually make everything smaller so I can’t read it at all which is where it’s been going. Idiots

Proper size and does not burn the eyes with the super loud blue

Oh hey, the forum software was updated. Cool.

no, man, It’s really ugly. Reddit is perfect.

What I would do - disable signatures , they are really useless, distracting and ugly.


I like the colors but, imo the functional design took a step back.

Regards :sunglasses:

looks great to me!
Haven’t explored the functions yet.


What added functionality are you referring to?