New boxed Cubase 10 Pro to 10.5 download and installation?

I purchased a new retail box version of Cubase 10 Pro a few months ago and have only just finished building the PC I wish to install it on. Since then 10.5 has been released and the grace period has come into effect so I have freshly unboxed and registered my USB E-Licenser, linked it to My Steinberg account and entered my Download Access Code that came in the box and installed the Steinberg Download Assistant.

My question is can I simply select the Cubase Pro 10.5 in the download assistant and install it or do I have to download Cubase Pro 10 first and then update? Also, is it preferable to I enter my emailed activation code for Cubase Pro 10 in the eLicenser Control Center before or after I download and install?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

I expect you got Cubase 10.5 license then.

So you can directly install Cubase 10.5. Cubase 10.0 is not needed on your system.

It doesn’t matter, if you first download/install or enter the Activation Code. If you try to start Cubase without Activation Code, you could run it for 24 Hours in Trial mode. Then you have enter the Activation Code to get the retail license.

Thanks Martin, it worked as you described.

I downloaded and installed Cubase 10.5 and then activated it using my Cubase 10 code emailed to me. You’re right, I could have entered the activation code either before or after. I found that when I did activate it I was automatically upgraded to Cubase 10.5 anyway and the download link in My Steinberg account was for the newer 10.5. All up and running now! Cheers!