New Bruckner Arrangement: Symphony No. 6, Mvt 2 for Wind Band

I have yet another arrangement in my series of Bruckner pieces for concert band / wind ensemble. I’ve revisited Symphony No. 6 and arranged the 2nd Movement this time (the ethereal Adagio). If you’d like to hear it, it’s up on SoundCloud at this address:

Made with Dorico 5.1.10, of course. Please give it a listen and let me know what you think. Thank you.


Well done!

Have you used HALion Sonic Orchestra or Iconica Sketch or other VSTs? Is there any MIDI editing to be done in this project or is it only done with Dorico’s writing systems?

I’m curious to have a little more detail regarding the production.

Thanks for the kind words! I used NotePerformer 4.4 as my playback engine and nothing else. No MIDI editing. I did stick in a couple of extra rallentandos in spots to direct playback, which I’ve removed from the printable score, but that’s it.

True Bruckner afficionados will complain that I took the movement way too fast. My recording comes in at 15 minutes, while some of the live recordings I have come in at 17. The live recordings use a lot of variation in tempo which I did not feel I could duplicate successfully, hence the faster rendition.

Thanks @leejackson,

I didn’t know NotePerformer. I must admit that the result is rather interesting. Tempo variations are not easy to achieve. Regaining the feeling of realism is not easy.

Your work is still very good. Well done!

Give it a try - it’s well worth the money. Of course, you can try a free 30-day demo before buying. That’s what sold me on it. Here’s the link:

Have a look at the info on the web site, then try it out. I recommend it highly!

Thanks! I’ll try.

It’s a lovely arrangement, but to my ears, some notes of the opening passage almost sounds like they’re “playing backwards”.

I think that is caused by a release that is too fast on each note.

I’m surprised that it’s NotePerformer, because it’s usually faultless, and there’s not much twiddling that you can do to make it worse! Maybe try the Sketch NPPE?

although I think the outer movements can work with this sort of treatment and I listened with interest to what you’d done previously with one of my absolute favourite symphonies— I really wish you’d left this sublime movement alone. NotePerfomer on its own without a supporting library is tonally completely inadequate for this sort of thing whatever the merits of your arrangement (and it is quite imaginative in places). Yes it is often too fast but with NP at the correct tempo it would just sound worse…

I tried Sketch NPPE, and I didn’t like the sounds for band. Perhaps @Wallander can step in and say something to the matter…?

My goal here was really not just to get NotePerformer to play it (although that is going to happen regardless), but to get a real, live concert band or wind ensemble to perform it. To that end, I have to have a demo, and right now NP is the best thing going.

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fair enough - if NP us the best you have for rendering at present then it’s sufficient to give an idea of what you’ve done. Best of luck in trying to get a real live band to play it!

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Sounds very well orchestrated!

It sounds like you have the Note Performer reverb set to 0% - putting it back to 50% would definetely be closer to a real performance!

I’d be very interested to see the score as well!

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I pushed the reverb down to 33%. Fifty was a bit too rich for my veins. :smile:

Send me a PM and I’ll make arrangements to get a copy of the score to you.

Apart from some of the 90s dance covers of classic pop tracks, I think it’s a bit harsh to say that about anyone’s musical endeavours.


Perhaps – but if you loved this symphony the way I do, you might be tempted to a similar reaction. And of course there will certainly be people who think the same but are too polite to say it.

Anyway, as I said, this was actually not about the musical endeavours but the choice of library to render these endeavours. It’s also probably true that I’m more charitable with original work than arrangements. As we all know, NP works better with faster, more crisply articulated music and as I said before, the first movement actually didn’t work too badly. If this does get performed live, then I’d be first in line to want to hear the recording!

Dance cover of Bruckner’s 6th, anyone? :rofl:

At least we share the same sympathies towards this symphony. For as much as is said about the 4th and the 7th, the 6th is my favorite of all of Bruckner’s symphonies, and I would not be working on it if it were not so.

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exactly! The 4th and imho even the 7th (too smooth and predictable, relatively speaking) aren’t in the same league. Only 9 can rival it for me. In case it’s not obvious, my initial reaction was simply one of frustration and no commentary on your well-meaning efforts. If you don’t have a better library than NP to hand for this then so be it. Of course you could try to write your own symphonies influenced by Bruckner – or perhaps you have?

Nothing so ambitious yet. I specialize in chamber music to date when it comes to original works for live ensembles. This doesn’t count my video game works from back in the 90s, which got to be quite extensive. :slightly_smiling_face:

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