New bug? copied slur placement

Might have found a new bug – I never encountered this [mis]behavior before the recent update. When I select the slurs in the lower staff and use my key command to copy to the staff above, the placement is all wrong:

Is there a new setting I need to adjust?

(When I paste it in by option-clicking, it goes in correctly!)

I can confirm that behaviour.
Also, deleting one or two of the slurs and doing Duplicate to Staff Above or Move to Staff Above produced various misplacements of the slurs.
Putting the slurs in the same positions on the upper staff notes and then doing Duplicate to Staff Below produced similar sorts of incorrect positioning of the slurs on the target notes.
When I re-notated your example changing the 2/4 to 5/8 with the triplets becoming normal (ie non-tuplet) notes, the Duplicate to Staff Above/Below worked as it should.

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When triplets are involved I find I have to use copy and paste. Triplets seem to throw copy to staff above or below, off. I’ve been copying lots of lyrics to the staff above or the staff below, and when there are triplets involved, I have found it doesn’t work as expected. Not sure if it was always like this, but copy and paste works just fine.

Alt-click, y’all … :slightly_smiling_face: