New Bug? Minimize losess track listing column

So now that we can use attachments etc I may be able to ask about something that has been happening to me for the past six or so weeks… or whenever the new Nuendo came out.
many times if I minimize Nuendo, when I maximize it back I lose the track listing column in the project window… and I have to draw it back out…
will upload some photos to show… photos will be in Cubase on the mac, as that is closer at hand. Cubase on the mac doesn’t suffer that problem but I can ‘fake it’ and take screen shots.

Is this happening to anyone else?
I do have latest nvidia drivers for my 9500GT (260.99)


Weird. I minimize Nuendo all the time and restore it and have never experienced it.
Can you elaborate a little on the window layout?

Oh, crap. I realized you are on a MAC.

Ok, just tried it on my macbook and cannot reproduce it. Have you tried trashing/renaming your preferences to rule that out?

Sometimes I saw this too with Win XP (SP3) and N5.


I haven’t seen this on my Macs. I Minimize N5 often (with cmd+h key) and never seen this.

If you try with clean prefs. you may be able to find out if this is some combo of settings you’ve set, or if it is a bug.



sorry no.
I have two computers, Nuendo on PC and cubase on the mac (as in my signature)
I faked it on the mac by sliding the track listing panel. But the problem doesn’t happen on the mac, but on the PC.

Sorry, nether of my systems do it. Maybe attach a npr that does it?

any npr does it, but ok I will do one…

p.s. it doesn’t allow me to attach a project
“The extension npr is not allowed.”

what if you zip it?


lmao…that’s ok, just make me feel like an idiot…lol
thanks… that will probably work.
everytime ads (31.7 KB)

Cool. Got it. Heading out for a cup of coffee then I’ll fire up the rig and report back.

Ok, tried it with N32 and N64 and cannot reproduce it.

Tried it in cascade, maximized views of Nuendo. Tried minimizing the arrange within nuendo then minimizing the app.

Sorry. Working fine here on Win7 64 home premium. :confused:

thanks Tom.
appreciate it.
what graphic card are you using and what version of the drivers?

GIGABYTE GV-NX84S512HP 8400GS R is the card and the latest drivers as of a few months ago when I built the system. If you need the exact driver spec I can look that up tomorrow or the next day. Have a couple of days off from the studio and I kinda need it. Was melting my brain editing today.

hi thanks… no need for the driver info.