New bug with instrument names

After installing the update the instrument names in my project look like this:
Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-25 um 21.24.20.png

Do you have a very narrow frame width? As of version 1.0.10, Dorico will wrap staff labels automatically if they end up more than half the width of the music frame.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-26 um 07.25.58.png
Here a screenshot of the the total width.

I just found out that it only happens at a space size of 4.30 pts. Increasing or decreasing the space size corrects the problem.

That’s interesting: I don’t think it should be wrapping there. It suggests a text measurement bug of some kind. Can you attach the project here (zipped up) so that I can take a look? (801 KB)
Here it is

Same problem here with ANGELO:
ANGEL - O.png
In Engrave Mode:
ANGEL - O Engrave Mode.png

I notice the following on the example with Violine and Gitarre instruments:

  1. If you delete the e in Gitarr then the problem shows up on the Violine name (the e in Violine is wrapped)

  2. If you then delete the e in Violine then problem reoccurs on the Gitarr name (the r is wrapped)

  3. If you restore the names and add a space to the end of either or both names, then there is no wrapping.

Thanks, Zimi, we’ll look into this as soon as we can.