new bugs and old problems

Active user of 5.5 and 6.5.
So I decided to try v7.
What I see? Old problems and new bugs that are here from version 3 or even 2.
Will I be ever able to zoom in large project (24 or more hours) to a sample view? Why the size of a project changes zoom resolution?
What have you done with scrub once again? It was great in v4 then you changed it speed in v5 and 6, and now what? It jumps like insane all around the project and cannot put a cursor in place whre I click.
Thanks god you brought insert buttons back they are ugly but now it’s better.
So will I ever be happy to change event fonts color? I will never use outline event data so I want to see names on events even if they are completely black because of the waveform.
Autosave! Will it ever work invisible to user? I have huge projects tons of plugins tons of events. Why I have to wait 15-20-30 seconds? Why the program can’t make it in background?
to be continued

That’s not just a Nuendo problem. Any DAW that uses memory intensive plugins suffers from it. Cubase & Pro Tools included. Your best bet is to try offloading them into VEP Pro & decoupling it from the session. I do this as standard now with all my sessions, makes autosave usable and the added benefit is you can have a template set up & it remains constant & open across sessions as it runs independently of your DAW.

If by this you mean it is hard to see the black print over black waveform (regardless of background color)
I agree.

I found that if you darken or intensify the colors the print will change to “White”
This I find easier to see because of the contrast between not only the black waveform, but also the colored back ground of the events.

If this is what you are asking about I will get you some screenshots to compare.


Why you changed the behaviour of changing volumes of muted objects???
What was the need of changing it?
When I cnahge volume of huge selection of objects I don’t want to look if the upper or left object is muted or not.
In versions 5.5 and lower I was able to change it anyway.
It lowers my editing speed a lot!

Actually, Pro Tools was very, very significantly faster for me (like, almost instantaneous in most cases) in saving even very large sessions – I just migrated from PT less than a year ago and immediately noticed the much longer save times in larger projects in Cubendo. Also Reaper saves much, much faster, based on my own actual experience here with it in equally large RAM-intensive sessions. Cubendo can be painfully slow compared to some of these other DAWs, though I can’t speak for all of them.

This was talked about in the Cubase forum before - and one of the mods said they would like to see it done but that it would take a significant amount of rewriting to achieve. I wish I could find the post, but it was close to a year ago. Some of these other DAW companies have found a way around it, though I’m not sure how they do it.

Yes ProTools makes autosave invisible to me and in Nuendo in huge projects I have to wait 30(!!!) seconds to make autosave with the help of ram disk so it can’t be shorter, so I have to make autosave period longer, so sometimes I have to miss some 15-20 minutes of my work.
And once again not being able to change volume because of the muted objects delivers much pain nowadays.