New bugs or old?

Using 3.1 on iPad Pro 2020. Running ipad OS13.5.1

Issues ive had since the update this week.

Mixdown was horrendous. Set to export only between markers. I ended up having audio from earlier in the song mixed over the required section. Had to take required audio tracks out of the project and put them in a new one to clear this.

Holding my finger on a clip to get the region selection to fit it. Doesn’t work most of the time other than near the start of a session. Have to force quit to get it working again.

Also struggling to get the ‘L’ position of the region selection in to place. Clicking on it to position it moves the curser instead, even if its on another part of the song. Over and over this happens. This happens more and more after ive been using the app for a while. Again, force quitting seems to reset this. No issues with ‘R’ at all.

Name used to save a Mixdown always seems to be the same one, one i used a few days ago. I can change it, but when i next go to Mixdown the old name is there by default, not the last one used.

These are all random, and i have no idea what i was doing leading up to them, other than just recoding audio or midi in to a simple project. No effects, no 3rd party apps etc.

Hi Davebass5,

Thank you for your message.

Please state one topic per post, to allow us reviewing your issues more quickly and easily.

In addition, please let us have short descriptions how to reproduce the problem (easy steps will do, same for a short clip etc.)
We’ve been able to resolve many user-reported problems this way in the previous maintenance updates.

Could it be a quick solution, to shut of the iPad followed by a restart, to get rid of these issues?

Thank you for your help!