New bugs & problem with processing power in cubase 13

Anyone else run into the new version 13 bugs ? :

  1. Audio segment mute problem in audio lanes editing ?
    When you mark a part with mute
    The marked part moves to another layer and does not perform the mute .
  2. While performing a mix down, the software asks to change the name even Though there is no such file with the same name and at the end of the process The software gets stuck .
  3. This is a problem in all versions of cubase and maybe it got worser
    And this is the most frustrating and important problem of all …
    Even in a small project without many Plugins and VST instruments
    It’s very easy to crash the Audio Performance and reach the end of the Processing power of the software . but in the Activity Monitor on Mac
    It doesn’t seem like the computer is maxing out…
    Even when the buffer size is 1024 it is to much easy to finish the software Processing power.
    I am working with a new mac studio M2 ultra processor…
    Best Regards !