New build...what is the name of the "holder of tracks" in the top of the editor window?

I put my Tempo/Markers/Signature tracks in a “Cubical” folder/holder at the top of the editor window.

What is that called, I can’t find it.

Thank you!

Global Tracks

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Thank you sir!

So I can find it for the Key Editor but in 10.5 I had it in the Project Editor. How can I turn it on in the project editor?

In the Project Window they are just plain old individual Tracks - Chord, Marker, etc.

In the Key Editor, Global Tracks allow you to take some Tracks that exist in the Project Window and display them inside the Key editor. In the Project Window there is no need to do that because that is where those Tracks exist. Basically Group Tracks display a portion of the Project Window within the Key Editor’s Window.

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I found it! It was “Divide Track List” in the Project Window. A little slanted line button towards the top right.

Awesome thank you Raino

No that doesn’t really have anything to do with it. That just lets you divide the screen into 2 sections (similar to how you can in Word). You can put any Tracks you like in either the top or bottom sections.

I guess I just used it as a “Global Tracks” type of thing. I use it to keep Tempo, Signature, Markers and a 2nd ruler (seconds) always on the top.

That is a common thing to do so those Tracks remain visible. But whatever you want to put there is fine.

Yes, I do the same