New build worth it?

I currently have the following system:

ASUS Sabertooth P67
Intel Core i7 2700k stock (3500/3900 turbo)
16gb ddr3-2000 running at 1866
2x samsung 850 Pro on intel sata3
palit passive NVIDIA 750ti

I’m not running out of plugin processing power (sometimes fooling around with Diva, but in general never reach the ceiling in projects)
But I’m still having unexplainable artifacts every once and while, which I can sort of mitigate by dissabling the onboard networking, or shutdown USB traffic.

I’m thinking of upgrading my system with
MSI X99 Raider
Intel core i7 6800k
16gb ddr4 2800
OCZ M.2 RD400 ssd

Any idea what to expect in real world improvements?
Together this is a €950 investment, where I expect go get €400 For my current mobo/cpu/memory combo
Worth it?

So I took the plunge last night
MSI X99 Raider
OCZ RD400 m.2 ssd
16gb Corsair DDR4-3000 quad channel
New Noctua D15S cooler

Will carry over
Palit Nvidia 750ti Passive
seasonic 580 passive PSU
2x SAMSUNG 850 Pro SSD
corsair carbide case

Pretty hefty build :smiley: wasn’t looking for a higher plugin ceiling, but more for a lower latency, tighter Win10 experience. Hopefully this is the case.

Very curious if my win10 gripes will be over with new CPU, new Chipset and new PCIe lane and interupt management.
Components arrive today.

Good luck with the build!
I hope it works out for you.

Hi Strophoid,

Seems to me that your soundcard was on the same pci lane as the ich10r io controller.
You could adjust that by changing the RME to a different slot. Most of the pci-e slots on the sabertooth are shared so you might keeping troubles and have to swithc off components like usb or usb 3.
I cant find the manual of the MSI X99. But i can see that it only has 2x x1 pci slots. So they could be shared as well.
If u can change things in the bios thats good but u have to tell w10 to follow bios settings on pci otherwise it will share irq by itself.

But there is a solution for both motherboards.
You can fit the RME in a x 16 slot and it will have unshared IRQ in most cases.
My RME is in a x8 slot and works fine on a unshared IRQ

So worth it?

Latency wont improve
I think u could leave the boxes you ordered unopened and try the sabertooth first.
If u didnt reach the limits before u not gonna notice much difference exept in your wallet.
When the sabertooth works upgrade lateron when todays systems are older and much cheaper.

After 2 days with my new build, I can say it has been worth it.
I did not have any IRQ sharing issues on my Sabertooth, the P67 just did not play nice with realtime win10 duties.

So far on x99 the performance has been flawless, i can use my madifx now at 64k buffers (had to run at 256 before with even then occaisional very subbtle pops and crackles)
CPU headroom on multicore is a lot higher and less jumpy. Very stable performance metering now, no jumpy spikey stuff anymore.

After 2 days of critical listening, I can’t tell you how delighted I am that this long winding problem finally has been put to bed. I’ve blamed MS, Steinberg, NVIDIA even thought my RME was broken, or broken capacitators somewhere in my abalogue signal path. Numerous re-installs, while changing PCIe slots, USB ports etc.
I can now even run overbridge with an overhub on my asmedia 3.1 usb port for a rytm and A4 realtime, multichannel, without problems. At 128k buffers.

for me it’s very clear that when there are these kind of problems, eventually (the combination) components can be the culprit.