New built-in ASIO driver in Dorico 5.1.30 vs the Yamaha-Steinberg

I’m using Dorico with the old good Steinberg UR242 Audio Interface (Yamaha Steinberg driver v2.1.6).
I assume there is no need to change my current driver, but, just to make sure, is there any advantage in using new built-in ASIO driver v1.0.6, compared to the Yamaha-Steinberg native one?


The ASIO driver designed for your audio interface will bypass the Windows Audio subsystem and communicate directly with the interface for the best possible performance.

The main downside of bypassing the Windows Audio subsystem is that certain applications designed to capture audio from the local computer (like Zoom screen sharing and other similar things) do their capturing on the Windows Audio level, so by bypassing Windows Audio, there won’t be any audio to capture, and people on the other side of the Zoom screen sharing won’t hear anything.

So, by using your Steinberg driver, you get better performance, but Zoom screen sharing will not capture audio from Dorico. With the Built-in ASIO driver, you will get worse performance, but Zoom screen sharing will capture audio from Dorico.


Exactly, I would not be able to put it better into words than @mducharme did.

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Thanks, very precise answer: I may switch to the built-in audio driver when I need to share music arrangements with my band via Zoom.

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