New campaign - stop Cubase hiding VST's etc when Cubase loses focus

I have no idea why it works like this.

But why oh why do all my Cubase VST and other ‘pop-up’ windows disapper when Cubase loses the focus to another programme or to the desktop.

Most unhelpful.

Is there a way to stop this happening, or is it something Steinberg need to reprogramme.

I mean, why would you ever wish to do that?

It does this when the Windows are set to “Always on Top” - when set to AOT the window behaves more like a dialog window generated by Cubase. You will notice that on the Windows Taskbar the Window doesn’t have its own Tab.

If you turn AOT off the Window will behave like an independent normal Windows10 Window - you’ll see a Tab for it on the Windows Taskbar. It also will not disappear when focus shifts to another program like when trying to read a PDF. Of course other Windows can now overlap and hide the Window. So pick your poison.

In Preferences>VST>Plug-ins you can set which you prefer as a default. And you can also change it for individual Windows within the Project

Aha. Thanks for that detailed reply.

I’ll have a play. But it doesn’t sound like either option really does quite what is desired.


Hmm. Turning off the AOT option is IMO even worse and more difficult to work with.

Why can’t Steinberg just make this work properly? VSTs etc AOT, and NOT disappearing when I need to take the focus off Cubase?? It’s a PITA the way it is at present.

Needs sorting. Can’t believe more people don’t complain about it.