New CD/DVD burner compatible with Wavelab!?

Looking for a new CD/DVD burner to burn CD’s in Wavelab (my old Plextor PX-716 A is not fully reliable anymore)

It would be best for me to use an USB burner, but I want to be sure it’s compatible with Wavelab.

I’m considering a Pioneer such as this:

Please let me know if this should work?

Any suggestion for other burners that works flawlessly in Wavelab are most welcome :slight_smile:


Plextor offers refurbished drives. If you do a search of the WWW you can find places that sell them. I walked into our local independent computer store and laying on the shelf was a brand new, still in the box Plextor drive. It seems as if the store had ordered the drive for a customer and then they reneged on the purchase. I got it for under $100. They’re still around the trick is to find them. Best of luck!

Thanks Thomas
So you don’t think new drives does it? (you may be right).

Any other recommendations for new drives are most welcome (preferable external and Blue-Ray compatible would be nice)…!?

Just as much - it’s just as good to know what to avoid - please share your experience ;->


We have a Sony, a Pioneer and a Samsung drive that all work well with WL. They are all older drives except for the Samsung which is a BluRay drive.

Best of luck!

I have an old Plextor Premium and a Premium II that both work well with WaveLab 8.5.30 in a USB enclosure. I also have a newer USB Apple SuperDrive which also works well in WaveLab.

I have not tried any others and CD/DVD burning is becoming pretty rare these days.

I have one of those drives, but I only got it to burn Blu-Ray Audio with Cirlinca, which it worked fine for. For a Blu-Ray burner it’s a great deal. I haven’t tried it with Wavelab but I should probably run a cd master just to see.

Personally I’d prefer something with a drop-in slide-out tray for day to day, because this drive requires you to snap the disc into (and out of) the inner circular plastic prongs on the drive (like snapping in and out of a plastic jewel box). Maybe I could get used to it, but that’s possibly one thing to consider.

For CD with Wavelab I use a Pioneer DVR-118 in an external Firewire/USB enclosure.

If I was getting something else, I might try to find a Plextor that reads CD track end markers (and indexes?) from disc when importing in Wavelab. Not sure what Plextor models can do that. I have a couple of bare Plextor drives here that can’t.

edit: it would be nice if Wavelab could do that (read CD end marks and indexes) from more drives. Somehow EAC can do it from every off-the-shelf drive I’ve tried.

The other thing about that drive is it’s bus powered. If you have USB3, one connector is required to be plugged in. If you have USB2, two connectors are required to be plugged in. (it has a 2 port cable). It has a power supply jack, but no included power supply.

Thank you all for your suggestions and comments.

Sounds like Wavelab works pretty well with different drives - No warnings so far ;->
More comments are most welcome!

One more thing: How do you keep your drives fit - any cleaning of the lens etc. ?


PS: bob99, if you decide to test the Pioneer drive performance burning a CD master - please post your findings

We have been using external Pioneer drives to burn CDs … they performed faultlessly out of the box with WL and Windoze 7 Professional.