New CD/DVD drivers?

Hi all,

Wavelab 7.2 doesn’t want to burn CDs anymore. Have not tested it all through yet (just got one sort of CD-Rs in the house), but anytime CD burning cancels with a non-specified general error message on my Plextor drive which worked fine with the same sort of CD-Rs in V 7.1.

Update: my cheap 2nd Samsung drive burns CDs still but sadly CD-Text isn’t fully supported.

Are there any new driver updates I’ve been missing?


Try “Driver_Installer_x86_x64.exe” from this page:

Thanx PG, but sadly the same error still happens. I could try going back to 7.1 to see whether the Plextor Drive still works there (it’s some years old already and maybe just going down the drain…).

Another idea though?