New Channel Strip and ASIO Guard

Hi there, I am a satisfied Steinberg customer since Cubase vst 3.5

I have two questions I hope to get answers to before I order my update:

How much latency does the new channelstrip introduce?

This new ASIO guard thingy… does this introduce added latency?

This is very important to me since I mostly work with Cubase as you would in a real studio IOW monitoring through Cubase with efx while recording etc.

Kim :ugeek:

None from channel strip

No more Audible audio latency than before due aiso guard


Thank you Hippo, guess I’ll pay and download now then.

What about bugs/crashes? Is C7 as stable as C 6.5 under win7 64?
I have a super stable environment here now with Win7 and Cubase 6.5, I honestly will not care to upgrade now if there are x.00 issues that causes “poofs” and “bsods”
Insights on this?

All the best, Kim

And also:
I know the envelope shaper plugin from C6/C6.5 introduces at least 128 samples of latency.
I see that this plug is included in the new channel strip…

So this is not so now then, they have reworked the plugin?

Kim :slight_smile:

Thank you Bredo, I’ll wait a while longer before upgrading then.
I am halfway finished producing a new cd for a swedish band here, so I guess I’ll get that out of the door before doing anything drastic to my setup


I agree finish all paid work using what you know BUT I find Cubase 7 more than ready for paid work and would not go back to 6.5.


Well, even if you had added latency, simply don´t switch the strip plugins on, just the sam like you would do with any other plugin…

The Channelstrip does not introduce latency except for the Limiter section.
Also the Envelope Shaper does at the moment have a bit latency but it will be changed to none in 7.0.1.

No, “this new ASIO guard thingy” does not introduce any latency. :slight_smile:
Actually the ASIO Guard should increase performance.
The following Knowledge Base Article explains the ASIO Guard: