New Channel Strip -> No Generic Remote

In Cubase7, will all channel strip parameters be available for Generic Remote? Steinberg, please confirm this. If all parameters will not be available for Generic Remote, please explain which will be and which will be not.
This is very important to me, because I custom map channel parameters to remote control pages, so I would really appreciate clear and detailed answer to this. Thank you.


Before I upgrade, may I please get response from Steinberg to my above question? Thnx.

As I suspected, new channel strip knobs are not included in Generic Remote. The most I miss parameters for new High Cut and Low Cut filters.

Confirmed, no generic remote for channel strip.

Sorry to slightly hijack the thread, but can I understand from what you’re saying that the Generic Remote is still included (albeit without support for the new channel strip)


Yeah, as far as I can see, the generic remote hasn’t changed.

Yea, one thing is Generic Remote (like it was from before), and the other thing is the new Remote Control Editor for plugins.
Generic remote is not working with new channels strip parameters, no new parameters are included for Generic Remote. And the new Remote Control Editor for plugins is not working with Generic Remote, only with those few supported devices. So it seems to me after playing with c7 a bit.
Looks like a mess. Lets see what Steinberg has to say to this half baked remote pie.

It’s Cubase 8.5 and still many features are missing in Generic Remote.
High-Cut, Low-Cut, Event Volume, Event Fade In, Fade Out, velocity of selected note…

Please Steinberg let us map everything

Thank you