New Channel Strip Thoughts

I think the new channel strip option has its good and not so good. One thing I do not like is that I can not see the levels of input and output like I can when I just use normal inserts. Say for instance, the maximizer as a vst insert I can open it up and see a whole lot of whats going on, but in the channel strip it’s just a red led showing gain reduction rather than showing the input meters, and its the same for the other standard strip inserts.

Also, has anyone else previously turned off everything in the channel strip only to re-load Cubase 7 and find a whole strip turned back on? I turned off everyone of the compressors in the strip and began using the compressors on just the inserts, saved the project and when I opened my project the next day suddenly everything was louder on the vocals, actually way too loud and I thought, now why did this happen? Only to find out that ALL of the compressors in the strip were turned on again?!?

Cubase 7 has MUCH positive but some of little things in the strip are not so convenient for me at least. I really need to see what is going on with the sound. I suppose the strip was designed with beginners in mind looking for an easier go to setup plan with mixdown rather than for those who are looking for the details of what is happening. Just my thoughts on the new channel strip.

Thank you Steinberg for your hard work at developing a great program. Hopefully they will take note of this.


After spending now over a month with the new mixer setup, I must honestly say… I really like it. The channel strip adds a great ability to mix down music easier and even faster to attain the desired sound. Thank you Steinberg for your great products and super customer support! Gary

Although I haven’t checked it I think the latest version fixes the disabled plugins getting re-enabled when saving and loading again. That’s what I read in the release notes.

I would like to see more metering too. Especially simultaneous input and output metering in the mixer for all plugins, because not all plugins provide this in their GUI. Also simultaneous input, pre-fade, output, etc on all channels would be nice. Given that this could create a CPU problem and an eyesore I’d suggest a preference (with key command) for show/hide.

Oh, and wet/dry mix on each plugin too of course :slight_smile: