New channel view is a bit silly and a waste of space

Ok, my title made you look. The idea is fine. But there is a lot of duplication. I can see everything I need in 12. But how about having a single “Left Zone” with tabs above. So we can switch from "Midi’ to “Audio” And while I feel generous, “Notes” or “Routing”. You could see anything you want. In one small space.

That’s how it used to be, and still can be configured. Set the Channel to be hidden and show whatever Inspector Tabs you like.

Some of us very much like having immediate access to the Audio controls without having to play Tab & Seek


The new channel is a waste of space for me, hence useless but it has a couple of things that should be included in the Inspector to make that new channel completely useless…

It’s not useful for everybody.
But if you work on a single medium size screen, it can avoid too much window fiddling.
It’s a single channel mix console like area.

Same when you’re spread across several screens.

Yeah, you got me. Of course, it’s useful if you have more screens available, too.