New Click Issues

Hi Everyone,

So I love the concept of the new metronome but in practice it’s driving me crazy. I’m hoping someone can help.

Whenever I create a new time signature it defaults to “User Pattern” which is an accented click. So loud click on 1 and then the subsequent clicks are quite. However…I don’t have any user patterns!!! And I want all my clicks to be the same volume.

If I go to the “Click Patterns” tab under metronome setup my “Default” pattern is correct. However when I create a new time signature it never uses the “Default” pattern. It creates some new “user pattern” that I didn’t make. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve included a photo of it creating a new “user pattern” that I didn’t make. This is really starting to drive me crazy as I’m often changing time signatures.
Screenshot 2018-05-25 11.45.04.png


The User pattern looks weird. The square on the most top line should be red.

Something seems to be broken here. Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Was unable to start in Safe Mode. So I copied all of my preferences to the desktop then deleted them from my library folder. Booted up Cubase and still no luck. Despite setting the “Default” pattern the way I want it, Cubase always defaults to an accented click. Like the one in the photo I uploaded in the original post…

Any other ideas?

Also tried installing Cubase 9.5.0 on my laptop and had the same issue. Does no one else use a non-accented click?

Please, could you send a screenshot of the Metronome Setup window (all 3 tabs)?

Here ya go.


On the Metronome Setup > Click Sounds page, you have set, that the Hi sound (the 1st beat) has 100% love, and the Low has 25%. This is the reason, why is the 1st beat so laud.

Right I understand that. However it doesn’t explain why I can’t change the default click pattern to whatever I want. Whenever I do that, it creates a “user” pattern that is not mine and uses that one every time I create a new time signature. I thought the whole point was that you could set the default pattern how you wanted it!?!?!?!


I tested this, and now I understand (somehow) what is Cubase doing. But it doesn’t make any sense, so I reported it as a bug.

The “User Pattern” is a pattern, if you change the pattern on thy fly directly in the Signature Track - Pattern editor. So it seems Cubase tries to load the Default preset, but then it’s overwritten by the factory (which doesn’t exist). But the change is done on the fly, so the “User Pattern” appears. …or something like this.


Hi Martin, I think you are getting the same thing as me. Which is somewhat comforting that I’m not the only one. It definitely seems like a bug to me. Hopefully Sternberg addresses this soon as I was really excited about the new metronome! It has the potential to be great!

Can you send me a link to your bug report so I can +1 it? Or add any relevant info.

the bug is inserted in the internal Steinberg bug tracking system. If you are not a beta tester you don’t have an access to it.

Ah okay. Thanks!