Any news about update and some new functions ?

I wonder too?

I would like at least that Steinberg add so “PD”'s lights are activated too like the rest of the CMC controllers. :wink:

Add a new shift mode. Add so “shift” button are hold “shift-lock” if you held “shift” down for a period time example 2 sec. That would be very useful especial working with “FD” and “CH”-controller, controlling small fader movements. :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Shift lock (2 Sec delay to engage shift tap to disengage) would be very welcome, and not only on the PD.
I’m not sure if lighting the PD buttons is even possible. I suppose for function mode it would be useful, but certainly not in other modes - i.e. where the intensity of the light reflects the pressure.
It is a pity that the pads do not behave (in conjunction with synth e.g. GA1) as they do in the GUI as many had expected. I’m not sure this is possible (never checked whether there is a midi local on/off toggle or something) - of course one can route the track (or copy therof) output to the PD and then it behaves as expected, but this involves an absurd redundancy - might as well just set the PD in demo mode.