New collection for VST Instruments not saved


New collection for VST Instruments not saved

There’s 1 minor and one major bug I seemed to have discovered.


The major bug is that after spending almost 1 hour on creating a new collection of my VST Instruments in Cubase 9 Professional and closing and reopening Cubase 9 this new collection was gone, only the factory default collection remains.
I’ve been able to repeat this with even a new collection of just 1 instrument.
I’m running Windows 10.
I do find the new collection feature in the Plugin Manager useful, so was disappointed that it just doesn’t get saved.
Is there anything I can do to fix this or is this a bug that was introduced with Cubase 9.
I’ve never tried this with Cubase 8.5, so don’t know if I would have had the problem even with this earlier version.

The other minor problem is that while setting up new folders and clicking around in Cubase then coming back the option of creating a new folder is sometimes greyed out. However I can easily fix this when switching to the Default Collection and then switching back to the new collection that I’m building.
But as I said, all this goes to waste after closing Cubase 9 and reopening it, as the new collection will be gone.

So I would appreciate any advice.

Please note: I’m reposting this as this same request was never saved on your site after submitting it yesterday.
So, I’ve not had much luck with Cubase or with Cubase Forum so far.
I love the Cubase Application though, even though I have the occasional crash.


@aurban: I just checked it. The plugin collections are saved when you quit cubase. If Cubase crashes while closing it might happen that the data is not saved. Can you please check this?
Run Cubase → create a Collection → Close Cubase.
We might improve this in a maintenance release.

Working OK for me. Cubase Elements 9.0.1 Windows 10