NEW Color Preference Options

First of all, loving how clean Cubase 8 Pro is looking. Everything is becoming so tight and streamlined.

Here are some simple suggestions that would be very helpful for “at a glance” project readability purposes, by adding basic changes to “Preferences > Event Display - Tracks” under the file menu.

Say you use the same color for every track in a folder.
(ie. Drum folder is light blue, and all drum tracks in that folder are also light blue.)

It would be awesome to have a separate Colorize slider for “Track Controls” and “Folder Track Controls”.

So you could, for example, have the Folder Track Controls be colorized to max intensity, and then all the regular Track
colorized slightly. This would add seperation and clarity. (See attached mock-up image. In the image I extended the Folder Track Controls over the volume meter since it isn’t used for a folder track, but it could just as easily stay at it’s standard size.)

Each folder and it’s tracks would really stand out from other folded groups, and could easily be seen through peripheral vision while focusing on the Event Display. I know that now you can check the “Colorize Only Folder Track Controls” box, but taking away the color from the Track Controls kind of loses that “at a glance” separation you get. (See attachments. Both seem less clear and separated than the mock-up)

Also, under the “Auto Track Color Mode” drop down box (on the same preferences page), it would be great to have an option for [Use Color of Folder].

That way you can drag other tracks into the folder and it automatically turns the track (not just the events in the track) to the folder’s color. (By “track” I mean the track controls area, AND the area directly to the left of track controls with the track number and track type icon.)

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Extra coloring options are always welcome!