New Colour options - v10.0.15

Hi - thanks SB for bringing back the ability to colour tracks by (Modifier +) clicking on the colour bar on the Track Header, to bring up the Colour Palette. Or, by using the mousewheel there (with modifier). Nice.

Couple of things:-

  1. The Version History says - You can quickly change to another color using the mouse scrollwheel button on the Color Tool button when the tool is selected.
    I don’t fully understand this. What I’ve discovered so far, is if I Right-Click for the Toolbox pop-up, keep holding that mouse button down whilst I hover over the ColourTool and THEN try scrolling with the mousewheel simultaneously, to shift through the colours… Seriously… is this what was intended.? Am I missing something obvious…?
  2. The Version History says - In the Color Panel use “Use Track’s Color” to set events to the same color of the track they reside on.
    Whats the ‘Color Panel’.? Where do I find this menu action…? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, to no avail… :confused:


When you are about to change the event with the bucket symbol and roll the mouse wheel up or Down, you’ll see the colour changes.

Thanks for replying. I’ve just been trying with this again…

Using the bucket symbol (paintpot tool.?), I hover over the event I want to change colour and roll the mousewheel. All that happens is that the Arrange page scrolls vertically.! I don’t know what else you can mean by “when you are about to change the event with the bucket symbol.”

For me, I can only scroll the colours when I’m trying to select the paintpot tool itself in the right-click Toolbox - holding down that right-mouse button and rolling the mousewheel at the same time… Which has to be the most dumb and clumsy user-interaction method employed in the history of mouse/mousewheel control.! :smiling_imp: Am I still doing this wrong.? Any other clues/enlightenment please…!?! :mrgreen:

Also, do you (or anyone else) have any thoughts about my second question:-
2. The Version History says - In the Color Panel use “Use Track’s Color” to set events to the same color of the track they reside on.
Whats the ‘Color Panel’.? Where do I find this menu action…?

Same problem as Puma select bucket tool over clip, roll mouse wheel and it scrolls vertically. Messed about with it for a while and got no where.

+1 :unamused:

…I feel like a Guinea Pig.

Found it. It is necessary to click the colortool of the event with the control button pressed and this item will be on the color menu.

Need an option in the preferences so that the events are painted in the color of the track by default.

That is already how it works.

It means literally what is written: select the color tool, and with the mouse over that tool turn the scroll wheel.

Ha.! Ok, thanks… So, the rest of what I wrote doesn’t make any sense to you.?

Got it.! Thank you @Al Junior… don’t know how you did it, given that description alone in the Version History… :astonished:

No! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hot diggidy-dog.! Ok, well then I’m still stumped… please, please conjure up one of your fab little GIF’s to demonstrate for me, would you - whenever you have a few minutes…? :slight_smile: Pictures painting, thousands of words, etc, etc…

I’ve only done it using the tools in the toolbar, not the right-click tool menu, but finally I see what you’re saying. :blush:

You understand correctly. You should contort your fingers and hold the right button down while simultaneously turning the scroll wheel- ideally, while chanting nam-yo-ho-rain-gay-kyo into an empty paper towel tube, locally sourced. So what’s the problem? :confused: :open_mouth:

The right-click tool wants to get a click and go away to be unobtrusive, so it’s not ideal for this kind of extra function, but it was put in there anyway. There are so many different kinds of mouses, there’s probably one that’s easy to use in this way. Personally I could never get into using the menu, I’m faster with the keyboard.

I’m really liking the whole new color tool thing- have you checked out how inserting colors in the list create new colors based on the selected and the following one?

Colour sets still can’t be saved and loaded across computers, can they?

The Color Tool is dead to me until the names/labels are shown again. :imp:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
At last… Grand.! Thanks @steve for persevering; contorting fingers is absolutely the case…! Buddhist chants - I’ve not tried… :laughing:

It’d be great to learn about which actual mouse they used when developing this new functionality… (and see some pics of their faces as they try to use it.!)

As others are saying, having names/labels is the type of attention that (we all know) would give more immediate benefit.


I’m glad to read that SB has brought back the Color Tool with v10.0.15 (recognizing popular demand!).

What I’d like to know is if the v10.0.15 implementation allows the same functionalities as in 9.5.


Cubase 9.5 Color Ctrl-Click 01.jpg
Cubase 9.5 Color Select Colors.jpg

Could someone with v10 please reply to the above?

If you mean color with the word color description, then yes.

If you mean the color lay-out where you had to scroll, possibly onto the next video monitor, then no…thank goodness.

Thanks for your reply!

So, if a long list of colors doesn’t require scrolling, how is it represented instead?

(A picture would be great!)