New Comping Feature - GREAT - but problem with event volume

OK, first Day with C6.
Vocal comping, with clients present.

The new comping workflow is just great !!
Congrats, Steinberg !

Had some issues with the event volume.
Every now and then, I couldn’t grab the handle.
Seems completely random.

Anyone else ?
Known Problem ?
Fixed in the current beta ? :wink:

bye, Jan

I’ve also seen some odd issues when you hide the lanes.

Firstly, why does the audio waveform turn to a hashed graphic (this is new in C6 - you see it in overlapping areas of audio clips normally) when you run the mouse over it?

Also, when clicking the waveform on a closed comp, I’ve had the part change takes - this definitely shouldn’t happen!

You are right, the hashed graphic show overlapping areas. There is a pref for always showing it/ showing it on mouseover/ never show it in the prefs (“Event Display”).

Can explain this with more details? “closed comp” = hidden lanes? Can you give some repro steps?

Aloha Jan,
Wondering, was this work a ‘new’ project started in C6 or a C5 project opened in C6?


(1st day with C6 and running in front of clients??? Brave. Very brave!!)

It’s a C5.5 project.

Yep, I loved the rush of adrenalin !!
Well … the clients where some good friends …
Tony said it’s stable … and I had 10 minutes to test all the basics :wink:

bye, Jan

Tanx for the info

Comping is a great feature. I am using it a lot for all kind of recordings. I love the way it works.

Event volume handles worked flawless, today …