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very new to here… just completed my new composed mass settings for SATB and organ, any ideas would love to hear it sung to the words…

Sounds like you need to “sell” it… Maybe call some large churches around where you live which have a choral program and speak to the music staff. Ask to send in a score and demo to see if they would perform it. You can also try colleges and universities…

Good luck!

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Thankyou for your advice, which I will follow up on. could I produce a demo from dorico?

yes, but you’ll need to buy EWQL Symphonic Choirs and read the forums here about it. It can work well but some have had issues with it. Nothing else (at least affordable) can do it is you want the actual text to be sung. Otherwise you could get away with the Olympus Micro Choir bundled with Dorico.

Thankyou dko22. for trial how would i use the olympus micro choir with dorico ?

if you’ve already finished the work in Dorico and you’ve installed the Halion Sonic SE in full (including the Halion SO), then it should automatically default to the Olympus Micro choir assuming you’re using the default Dorico configuration. Re-apply the HSSE+HSO template if it’s not working or check you have all the supplied content installed.

Thankyou yes done that. Have you the EWQL symphonic choir? I think it can read the text right?

It can sing text, but it cannot read it from the score. You have to manually program the text within the plugin which is quite a hassle. But if you are nerd enough it can be fun…

Thankyou its probably not for me yet…cant find my way around dorico yet! havent a clue with the instruments have BBC symphony and noteworthy but have no idea how to mix them together…

I’ve just completed a work in Symphonic Choirs. As @MassMover says, you can’t unfortunately simply get it to read directly from the score. The good news is that if it’s in English, you can simply copy/paste the text straight into the Wordbuilder part of SC. Only if you stretch a vowel over more than one note (as in conventional notation you’d tend to use an underscore) must it be repeated in the Wordbuilder. Hyphens are read fine.

But get to feel comfortable in Dorico first perhaps using “noteworthy” – I assume you mean NotePerformer. I have the BBC SO as well but it’s also not entirely without a learning curve!

Hi dko22,

Thankyou for the sound advice. it seems a good package to have, yes I meant note performer! I will look into getting this the EWQL its quite expensive I guess…

the Gold version (without extra microphone positions) is $199 at present which isn’t that bad. Price varies --sometimes music software retailers do good deals.

@simonpeter38 hello,
I could recommend you another solution which is cheaper than paying for EWQL Symphonic Choir, and would keep you away from entering and tweaking the text inside the plugin.
First, export the organ part as audio, or MIDI file and import it to a DAW of your choice

  • Cubase, Studio One, Logic Pro (if you are on Mac), Ableton or Reaper
  • If there are tempo changes, don’t forget to add them before importing the audio file
  • The Sample Rate and the Bit Rate have to be same in Dorico and the DAW.

Second, invite just solo singers per voice and record every voice on few tracks, at least 2 or 4.

  • You need singers who can sing by following scores and also have some experience in a studio.
  • If two adjacent vocal lines (Tenor/Baritone or Soprano/Alto) are comfortable to be sung by one
    singer, this would reduce the amount of people. This will make the production even cheaper.
    And if they are friends of you, the things could be almost free. :slight_smile:

Of course this is only for demo purposes. :slight_smile:

This is how I work when I need to make a demo. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

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This is a very sound advice.

I bet every professional singer in the world who is relying on getting paid for their work will be pleased to hear that their service is now even cheaper than the tool to replace them when it’s on sale…

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send me a message. I run the ServiamScores Youtube channel and I might be able to help you out. Just depends on the scope of the setting and what I have time for. I produce this type of video regularly. For example:

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@MassMover hello,

Well, for good or bad, this is the real situation at least in the most countries in the world…
There are also students, or choral singers who can sing on professional level, but don’t relay only on
payment for their singing.
If someone has enough friends amongst the professional musicians, they could arrange these things differently. For example favor exchange, or special discount (only for friends).
The guy wants to hear how his piece would sound with real voices, so, there is a way to achieve this cheaper than buying a library, or hiring a whole choir. With the help of a DAW he could recreate the choral feeling. Cubase and other DAWs have Doubler plugin for vocals, which could bring additional changes to make a single voice sounding like multiple singing the same melody.
If @simonpeter38 has experience in working with DAW, he would be able to achieve a choral result with just 3 (if the parts of SA are close to each other they could be performed by the same vocal), or 4 singers and far less tweaking. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Thankyou dko22 for your advice.

Thankyou Thurisaz thats great advice. i will try this , could I call if need your support further to complete this…

dko22 havent a glue with DAW could you advise me further

I have Cubase but only the entry-level version at present because I simply hardly use it for composing any more. You don’t need a DAW for producing a decent mockup of a score (some will disagree and there are always threads running on this) but you probably will need one to follow @Thurisaz suggestions and others would be much better able to advise you on this.

If your score is complete in Dorico with text written in, I’d be happy to create a mockup with the EWQL to give you an idea if you like.