New compositions (Audio-visual)

Hello, I’ve started a new set much inspired of video games and animes, well that’s the goal I aim, compose soundtracks for indie video games or audio-visual in general.

Here are my two new songs:

Crimson Bullet:
Autumn Stroll:

Any feedback will be much appreciated!

Cheers from France.

Here is my new baby done with MoR:

any feedback is appreciated :wink:


Enjoyed “Crimson Bullet” probably the most out of all of them. I definitely think you’re headed in the right direction. All 3 tracks certainly have a “video game” sound. If I could offer any helpful criticism it would be just to keep working on improving the overall sound quality of your instruments and your mix.

Here’s a couple YouTube channels that I enjoy learning from:

Keep up to good work!

Hello, I really appreciated the inventiveness of these two pieces. Well done!

Thanks Early21 !

Don’t forget to stay tuned: I have 4 more compositions since then. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much ! :wink:


Oh Thanks Buruks! Your post didn’t loaded last time I watched my thread, thnks for your comment, I’ll try to improve my mixes, and I’ll take a look at the youtube channel. :wink:

New composition: