New Computer and USb eLicenser

Greetings folks, my first post. Glad to be a part of this community. Thank you for having me.

I’ve read a few posts here and watched a YouTube support video but I want to be sure.
My old computer is being decommissioned so I plugged my USB-eLicenser into my new computer to use Cubase 8. I have the latest version of the elicenser and it shows the following;
‘Steinberg, Non-Movable, Remaining time 25 h’
‘Cubase Pro 8

Do I need to do anything else to use Cubase 8 Pro? Do I need to re-register? Why is there a 24h limit listed there along with the Cubase Pro 8 license?

Hi and welcome.

There is nothing else you need to do.

The 25hrs is this:

Thanks! :smiley:

Additionally, I’d like to remind you of the advantages to obtain a secondary USB-eLicenser, in case you ever need to invoke Steinberg’s Zero Downtime feature.


I posted a thread asking about a similar issue on a new installation just a few minutes ago. I have in my saying “Cubase 8.5 License” (i think) and then another saying “Steinberg, Non-Movable, Remaining time 25 h”. This is normal right??

Although i must mention that bought the retail version which had Cubase 8 when installed and after the installation i activated the software using the Activation code that was given in a small paper. And the package mentioned i have a fee upgrade to the current version which i happened to install through the grace period that was given. And it installed and i though i had to activate that as well so i tried activating it but says the activation code has already been used and shows Cubase 8 at a point in this process. But in my elicenser and my steinberg account it shows as registered product is Cubase 8.5.

Is this still normal or have i gone and messed it up??? :frowning: :frowning:. Please help because i cannot afford to pay for another and i hope i haven’t done anything wrong…:frowning:

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This all sounds normal. Your license has updated automatically to 8.5 but you need to manually download and install it.