New computer, ASIO Time Overload, Cubase 5 problem


I bought a new laptop: Asus, Windows 7, 6 GB RAM, 64-bit Operating System, AMD E-450 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.65 GHz. My sound card is M-Audio Fast Track Pro, with latest drivers.

When using Cubase 5 the ASIO Time Overload indicator goes to red quite easily. It’s half way up even when I just open a project with a lot of effects, and goes to red when it is played. In the 64-bit versionthe problem was worse than in the 32-bit version.

It worked fine with my previous laptop with the same sound card and Cubase version. It had 2.0 GHz processor, but it was 5 years old and not even that expensive when it was bought, so I assumed a new computer would be much better. (I don’t know that much about computers.)

Do you think Cubase 5 should run ok with that computer and that sound card, and the problem is elsewhere? Or is there just not anough power in my new computer? Can I exclude the saound card as the source of the probme if it worked fine with my previous laptop?

Thank you for help!

Get a tape deck.

That wouldn’t solve my current problem, would it, idjit.

My Cubase works fine. Who’s the idjit? :wink:

There is a new Fast Track Pro driver for Win 7 x64 in beta. You have to sign up to get it. The process is explained in the M-Audio Forum. I am using it and getting better ASIO performance. Worth a try if you are interested. Also, with a new computer you should go into there and clean out any garbage that is installed by the manufacturer. Often, there are a ton of resident programs running at start. Software that is checking for updates even when you aren’t using the program. Programs that are waiting for you to press a button or plug something in and then it automatically responds, etc.

Ok, thanks! I’ll look into it.

Also you should consider disabling WI-FI. Having less than 2 GHz of CPU, you’re an easy target for these overloads.
I would also follow the instructions here:[keyword_search]=Optimizing

Thank you. I’ll study that also.