New computer build for cubase 9.5

Hi there,

I’m planning a new pc build for win 10. My old system is an asus p6t with i7 920 processor and 6 gig ram.

I’m looking for something fast, since I record up to 32 tracks at 44.1k 32 bit and would like the lowest latency possible, preferably 64 buffer or less. I do not like delay when a persons is singing and using cubase for my monitor mix. Mixdown is fine for a higher buffer size. I also plan to use 15-20 keyboard vst along with bfd3 for my Roland v-drums. I typically use 2 to 3 plug ins per track and usually mixdown is 20-40 tracks.

I was looking at the i7 7820x and possibly asrock x299 mobo. I plan to have 2 SSD drives, 1 for o/s and 1 for samples and either a 3ssf for audio and projects or a 7200rpm. Also, suggestions on memory amount and speed.

Any suggestions or comments. I’m looking for real world input from users with specific system builds and speed. I would like something that can last me 6-8 years.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. $$$ not necessarily a problem, but the i9’s do seem a bit high now.


Latency is not so much machine related as it depends more on the Asio interface/driver. What you can achieve with faster hardware is that you can use lower buffer sizes without running into resource issues. I bought the i9-7900x (10 core) a few weeks back and am still testing. So far it looks good and very stable. I would advise you to invest in plenty of RAM. I’d say go for at least 32GB because with lots of vst’s loaded memory can go pretty fast. Memory speed is totally not important in real life, only if you value synthetic benchmarks. But again, you won’t notice any difference in every day use. Look for the best deal and rather go for more than faster memory. I got a good deal on 64GB 3200 Corsair set and tested it on 2133 and 3200 speeds and can not detect any difference when working in Cubase. I have 2 x 1TB m.2 drives and 3 more sata ones for sample packs. I have one 7200rpm for miscellaneous stuff and maybe some wav files but in general don’t use this for Cubase anymore. I think the 7820X is an excellent choice. At least a much better bang for the bug than the i9.

Latency is directly related to buffer size and thus machine related. A faster CPU will allow you to run with a lower buffer size, this is good for recording. For mixing it doesn’t really matter.

Thanks for the response guys!!!

I may eventually move this pc to my studio (at that time latency would be more of an issue since I run monitor mixes Thur cubase), but for now it will be for home use. I do a lot of mixing here and use a Presonus Firestudio Project for input/output.

Any suggestions for a fast x299 mobo? I planned for 2 of the m.2 drives already. One for system and cubase and the other for bfd3 and sample libraries. A 3rd solid state for mixing and a regular 7200 hdd for storage of unused projects and data.

Thanks for any additional input!! Others? :slight_smile:

I prefer a setup with following specifications:
1- New ASUS workstation MB with two XEON CPUs
2- 4*8 8GBs DDR 4 RAM ECC-Registered
3- 2 256GB M.2 Storages in Raid 1 Array for OS and Applications
4- 4 2TB SATA3/SAS HDDs in Raid 10 Array for banks, data and projects
5- One nVidia GTX 1060 GPU (2 in SLI if you do rendering and post production too)
6- A many watts pfc power :smiley:
7- EATX case with silent fluid cooling

BTW that’s a lot of money :neutral_face:

I’ve just bought and build myself a new DAW / gaming setup, which these components:

  • Asus z370-a prime mobo
  • i7 8700 (non K model, as I don’t OC)
  • Noctua d15s cpu cooler
  • 32GB Crusial balistic sport lt DDR4 ram (4 x 8)
  • Fractal Design r6 case
  • Corsair RM850x PSU
  • No gfx card yet (all sold out for the bitcoin guys), but I do plan to by a Asus rog strix 1070 ti card
  • SSD, samsung 850 evo 500gb
  • HDD Toshiba 3TB drive for audio and such

I’ve just added a RME RayDat card to it, that I’ve bought used. I had a HDSP 9652 previously, but since the z370 mobo doesn’t have legacy PCI,
I had to upgrade.

I haven’t installed any of all the Asus utility junk that comes with the card. Only changed the windows 10 power profile to “high performance”, that it. And the dpc latency is okay low in the 100-150 microseconds. It’s not fantastic, but okay. I’m now trying to find out, how to lower the latency even more, maybe in the 50-100 microseconds, then I would be happy with it.

But other than this, it’s a super fine and fast system. I’ve coming from an old 2007 Q6600 cpu, so it’s like night and day with my new setup :slight_smile:


Absolute waste of money.
a single 8-10 core processor is all you need. Dual Xeons are a difficult build and even harder to get low latency.

Raid 1 bad idea. get a OS backup suite like Paragon as well as Carbonite.
Raid 10 not the greatest move either. particularly without a REAL raid card.
if you intend to do Video Editing this set up is wrong in so many ways. SLI is useless for most all NLE apps. better to have a single 1080 TI.
32G ram is good for Audio (unless heavy with VSTi) 64 is needed for NLE apps.