New computer, cannot yet transfer Dorico from previous machine- can I get a new download?

I have owned Dorico for about four years, but the computer I run it on developed a startup issue, and the previous hard drive can’t be loaded into the new machine without creating driver issues. Can I just have a new download to my new machine? All my files are on the new machine, but I cannot play them, nor create new ones, without the app. I have all the setup and install extension files still- but not the application. I also just updated the e-liscence for the new machine as well.

Hi msurrealist, to get a new activation code please follow the instructions from this link:

I have all that, what I do not have is the PROGRAM on the hard disk to ACTIVATE the liscenser

At the moment I am trying to get Dorico version one, I think it was already at version 1.3 when I first owned it. I am downloading extensions here and wonder if I am ending up with too many copies of the installer as well. But what all I want, ALL I WANT is to get Dorico back on the new machine as it was on the Old, and it’s telling me it isn’t found. Of course! It isn’t on the new machine yet!

You can download older Dorico versions from our website:

In the Software Downloads dropdown menu choose the right version and it will take you to the appropriate download page

OK I THINK I am installing Dorico 1, rather, RE installing it. Right now I am downloading the Halion Symphonic files. When all this is over with a few hours from now I will get back in touch. I am still looking for the Dorico application however. This can get pretty complicated tho I know it’s all actually really simple…

this is what my configuration looks like presently

Go to and then click the Application Installer download:

Then install it.

You can leap straight to 1.2.10 - you don’t need to start with 1.0 and then add each of the updates separately.

OK I have run all that but i think I need an activation code? I still do not see a Dorico icon anywhere on the desktop, it tries to ask me if I want one then disappears before I can say yes or no. In any case, I think I am ending up with multiple copies of the installer in my sytem but still seem to have no Dorico program. I DO have the Halion components downloaded, no problem. So I am confused.

It now appears to be there (application) , but I still need a new activation code. No idea where the old one is or where it went to…

so how can I get a new activation code???

Each activation is tied to a specific computer, and you’re now using a new computer.

Please follow the instructions here: Software/license reactivation (requesting new activation codes) – Steinberg Support

that is apparently still not giving me any code. Can’t one just be emailed to me?

Why is it not giving you a new code? Did you not register the old version before?

what do you mean? The older machine was registered, of course, how could I use it if it were not?

I have no idea why I cannot get a new code sent to me.
EVERYTHING ELSE is now on my computer, and I seem to be loading multiple copies of “eliscencer installer,” all want an activation code I cannot provide.
my email address is:

Problem now appears solved. Dorico is installed & now the sound libraries are being installed.
This was sure confusing, but it’s over.