New computer for SX3


My old xp computer that I have been using Cubase SX3 on for many years is failing. Being in forced retirement and not long on cash I am looking at options. I am told that windows 7 will not install SX3, although I’ve seen a couple of posts here that suggest how to get around it by installing the original licenser, I mainly write in Finale, treat with human playback and put out a midi file that I read into SX3 and tweak from there. I mainly use some vsl and libraries on Kontakt 2.5 (emperor piano, garritan gos, strad and orchestra) and SIR as a convolution reverb. I do not do any audio recording, just eventually generate audio files to burn to cd and share. We go to europe for extended family visits (2-3 months, stay with family), so I would like something I can take along. I’ve looked at a mac mini-more expensive than a PC but easier to travel with since I can get a used monitor etc over there. The new ones with an extra drive for samples are more powerful than what I currently have. Will SX3 install on Lion (or ML) or will I have to upgrade anyways (the lack of the upgrade fee would offset the higher cost of the mac)? I’m really happy with SX3-the midi handling is great (I have some custom functions for working with the garritan strad though). It would be nice to have vst expression for the vsl so I can see whats playing, but its hard to justify the cost of an upgrade to full 6.5. But if SX3 cannot be used anywhere anymore then perhaps…

Any comments about options would be appreciated,


Ur paragraph is too long lol…what are u saying? Are u saying that u want to make urs mobile on a mac?

I wanted to use SX3 in Windows 7, how do I do that?