New computer - how do I reactivate Cubase 9.5 Elements

I have tried everything, but the computer always says no. Activation “manager”, download “assistant”, e-licencer “control” center, Steinberg “support”… Should go to Guinness Book of Records as the most stupid mess ever made. It´s a much easier process at Native Instruments. I should sue this fkn Steinberg company for a breach of contract. I can see my product with my user name and password, but what a destruction of creativity. Tried to do a change of computer at the support page. Lots of bla, bla, bla talking the talk instead of walking the walk. Can´t even upgrade to Cubase 12. Does anybody here know how to do it in a simple and a usable way? Kind regards, Sibbi.

Did you log into your account and look at your Elicenser-based products? That’s where you can reactivate.

Yeah Steve, I was there or almost there (after I lost half of my IQ). I was having a real hard time with that eLicencer regarding the registeration. Redeem Download Access Code? I should check this better out, but it´s hard when having no usable numbers/codes or info from the past. Thank you sir.

This is a product that shouldn´t need that USB dongle of the past of dark middle ages.

Hopefully I am finally on to something now…