New Computer License/Software Transfer

I just bought a new computer and want to transfer Wavelab 7 over to it from the old computer. I note that 7.2 is an update. Do I have install my original version of the software first and then install the 7.2 update on top of it or can I install the trial version which presumably includes the 7.2 update?


I am about to do the same, but actually it’s just a new C:\ drive here (SSD). I’m not risking it and will install from the DVD first, and then install the 7.2.1 update. The trial version may or may not have everything included but I don’t think it’s worth it to gamble over. What are we talking about here; five minutes more install time?

I would think the trial is definitely NOT the real deal since I do not believe that’s a version that can actually be activated.

This is what I did for my new build (also on SSD) but I copied the installer off the DVD long ago and copied it to my network software share.

So I install from the 7.00 installer first followed by the 7.21 updater. And yes - it took less than 2 mins to an SSD.



The Trial Version is the actual Version. The activation is only done via the eLicencer.


Yes - but the trial cannot be “turned” into a retail edition. Yes - you can activate the “trial” via your trial license code - but I do not think that this trial can be converted into the full blown version (No time limits) that I purchased via Steinberg on DVD.

I could be wrong and would be interested to see how this works and why Steinberg would issue a fully updated 7.2.1 installer for a “trial” while I cannot get (to my knowledge) a fully integrated (7.2.1) retail installer for my own use.


It is possibke, I did it.
The software is the same, it is only handled with the licence on the elicencer.

Wow. Cool…

Still wondering why I would then - as a retail customer - have to bother with a 7.2.1 patch updater when I would really like to get my hands on the full 7.2.1 installer (which to my knowledge - does not exist)?


My understanding is that the updaters are also full installers.


Well - my original windows installer is 365MB…where the patcher is half that. And I believe I have fired up a “patcher” and it quickly said I needed a full install of Wavelab to proceed.

I disagree that the the patcher is a full installer…if it is - I am surprised that this fact has not been disclosed. Furthermore - all other Steinberg product patchers/updates are NOT full installers…so this would be an anomaly for sure.


I based my reply on the post by PG in this thread.


You could be right. I unpacked the 7.2.1 “updater” and it only contains about 6 files…two Setup.exe files (for 32 or 64 bit) and 4 other exes for the license manager, .Net (32 and 64 Bit) and something called Upload Manager.

Looks like I learned something here today and have been performing extra steps all the way along.