New Computer Migration + SSD?


I got a new Mac studio and need to get setup. Haven’t upgraded computers in many years so wondering if there are any tips for a smooth transition. Appreciate any feedback!

I am going to upgrade to Cubase 13, so I will just download that to the new Mac. I’m moving up from 10.5 and I feel like they don’t require the usb elicenser anymore, right?

Is there a simple way to transfer all my 3rd party plugins? I know I can download them from some of the companies I’ve bought from, but is there a better or more efficient way?

I know these macs are super powerful, but should I still consider using a separate ssd external drive for samples, or is that kind of antiquated given the modern processing power? It’s M1, 10-core cpu, 1 TB ssd, 64 GB ram.


Use Apple’s Migration Assistant. Unfortunately, you will still have to deal with (lots of) plug-ins that use hardware bound anti-copy protection. Good luck.

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Cubase doesn’t need the eLicenser anymore since Cubase 12. All you need to do is start the Activation Manager (a tool that is automatically installed together with Download Assistant), login to your Steinberg account and click Activate.

However, you probably have lots of plugins that might rely on the eLicenser and then you still need to plugin the USB stick. The list of products that use the new licensing is here:

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