New Computer Moving Software & Projects

Hello, I now have my new iMac - but I don’t want to transfer everything from the old computer. I would prefer to avoid apple’s migration assistant!
A couple of speciifc questiosn please:

  1. If I install Steinberg’s download assistant can I simply go to my account and download Cubase, Halion, The Grand etc - install them and THEN transfer the USB elicenswer dongle form my old computer - or must it be in place first?

  2. Is there a desired location to install the above - or just do as the Mac suggests?

  3. Regarding some projects I wish to import from the old computer: will the project folder contain all the files required? Including audio files? And where should I put these folders on Catalina on the new machine? My old iMac is running High Sierra…

Many thanks for your help - sorry if these are very basic questions!