New Computer Not Finding Plugin

Good afternoon!

I just installed Cubase on my new computer – but, this time, it didn’t carry over the Scarlett Compressor / Reverb 64 plugins that I use on almost every track. When opening a song in Cubase, it comes up but I receive the follow errors:


I reviewed the Plug-In Information screen from my old computer and it shows as follows:


On the new computer, the file path defaulted to an .exe file as shown below:


I then manually pasted the folder containing the .dll files (from my old computer) into the same place on my new computer – but how do I adjust the folder / file path Cubase has noted in the Plug-In Information screen to see these files? I must be missing something. Any insights?


a) in your screenshots, you see a button called “VST 2.x Plugin paths”. That shows you the current paths Cubase is using (and lets you set new ones).
b) Your best bet would be to run the installer for the Focusrite plugins on the new computer and let them install in one of the paths shown in a).