New computer, old cubase AI 4

Old iMac died, got a new iMac. Running Yosemite 10.10.5. Cubase AI 4 was copied over from the old hard drive, and it seems operational. But it asks for Registration before I can run it. For that, I need a MySteinberg account. Apparently I got an account 7 years ago, since it tells me my email address is ‘already in use’. OK, none of my usual passwords work, so I click ‘forgot password’ to get a new one emailed. The page says OK, one was emailed.

No email is forthcoming. My spam filter is off. Stuck!

I got an account on this forum, which sent me an activation email. I got that email. Why not one from “MySteinberg”?


Contact your Local Direct Distributor, or official Steinberg support, please. Some one with the right permissions has to generate a new password for you, and send it via mail (bypass the robot-server).

Btw, you can operate Cubase without registration. It has to be activated. But at the other hand, it’s better to register it.