New computer / old song file / no sound

I bought new computer, installed cubase 6. Copied project files from old computer to new computer, have no sound … everything is there i can see the meters moving , audio driver working, newly created songs on new computer work just fine, and the files im trying to get to work are playing fine on old computer , but no sound when opened on new computer

Old computer is a vista 32/64 bit
New computer is a windows 8 / 64 bit

i tried just copying project files to new computer
i tried copying the whole “my documents” folder to new computer
i tried copying entire C drive to new computer
the sound card is working fine , because any new projects created on new computer work fine , but the copied project files wont work ( there are no audio tracks , just midi instruments in projects ) meters move … sound card is working but still no sound.

Any ideas ? this is probably common ?

Connect the outputs in VST Connections.

Yep, that’s it.
You’re the king, thanks for quick reply. Cheers