new computer - ports missing

I’m looking back at some projects I did on a different computer. When I open them up, I get the Ports Missing dialog because the outputs were directed to the old sound card.

I figured out that I needed to Add Output Bus, disconnect the old Output Bus, and then go into each audio track and change the output to the new Bus, and I have the new Bus set as “Main Mix”.

But, how do I change the Output Bus for VST Instruments? My midi tracks point to the instruments and I don’t see where I change the VST Instrument output.

Also, is there a way to change all track outputs en masse, or do I need to change each one individually?



First of all, you don’t need to do this track by track. Select all tracks you want to change at once, and use Alt+Shift modifier to QuickLink. Then change the output of one Audio track. All selected (and QuickLinked) outputs change.

Output if an Instrument track/Channel, is visible in MixConsole, Routing panel. You can QuickLink also these Instrument tracks/channels with Audio tracks/channels, to do all of them at once.

Thanks, Martin. I tried what I think you said (alt-shift to select multiple tracks, then adjust the output in one track). It didn’t work on any other tracks when I tried that.
If you want to dumb it down even further and explain it to me like I’m ten, maybe I’ll be able to get it right.

What I figured out was to instead of using Output Bus I just pointed my Studio Monitor to the computer sound card. Seems to redirect everything.


The Alt+Shift is good way, if you want to change the routing (or other parameters) of some outputs. Btw, you have to hold the Alt+Shift while changing the output, not while selecting.

If you want to change all outputs in hte project, it’s faster to change it in VST Connections.

If you want to change for all projects, change it in VST Connections > Studio, which is global settings for all projects.