New Computer Question

I just got a new computer for Christmas and am wondering about the best way to proceed in terms of transferring my Cubase and Wavelab software setup from my older computer to the new one … I have licenses for Cubase 7.5 and Wavelab 8 …

I assume I should install the E-Licenser software on the new machine first and have the E-Licenser plugged in before I attempt to do any Cubase and/or Wavelab installs …

Then should I install Cubase 7.0 first from my original installation DVDs and then run the Cubase 7.5 update or is it better to download the ISO version of Cubase 7.5, create the DVD installation disk and do that? I’m thinking the latter since I have no license for Cubase 7 any more. On the other hand, I’m thinking I could install Cubase 7 even though it won’t run without the license and then when I run the update, all will be well and I could avoid the lengthy ISO download …

Am I correct that Wavelab 8 should just install from my original installation disks with no problem and then I would run the most recent update download to bring it to currency?

Then install my WAVES and other plugins which are licensed on my separate iLOK?

I think this will work fine but I was hoping somebody knows for sure!

Thanks in advance.

Hiya Neal,

Any install files will work so just D/L the smallest you need to get going.
All you need is the Activation Key printed on your DVD to install, then once done just plug in your dongle and off you go.
I’ve got C7.5 installed on both my studio PC and laptop and I just move the dongle around to make em go.




Thanks Paul … I think I’ll go ahead and download the ISO image of Cubase 7.5 and install from there … I still have my activation code etc. and the license is on the E-Licenser … it should work fine … I just get nervous around the E-Licenser and think what an unmitigated disaster it would be if I screwed it up … Merry Christmas!

you can’t screw it up , your licence is securely on the dongle so it’s nothing to worry about , just install the latest version of the elicencer and you’ll be fine