New Computer Setup

Hey guys.
I wonder if someone could help me.
The computer I am currently using just can’t cope with all my requirements with Steinberg, Arturia and Native Instruments software. Constant CPU Overload. So I have had to make the decision to invest in a purpose built audio production computer with it’s 16gb of RAM etc.
The computer is due to arrive in approx 1 week and my question is - What procedure do I follow to make sure I can download all my current software such as Cubase 8.5 and Absolute instruments onto the new computer. It will be running Windows 8.1. I’m worried about losing all my software as it was purchased via download from Steinberg.
Any assistance with this would be much appreciated. I have sent an help request to Steinberg but understand it can take sometime to get a reply if at all.
I can recall a few years back having a system crash including loss of hard drive and having a nightmare getting it sorted.
Thank you in advance.

get a usb-stick or a external harddisk,which got enough store-capacity (64 or 128 GB by a USB.Stick or up to 500GB on a harddisk), than copy all the folders and .dll-files to this drive or disk.