New computer VSTs get blacklisted under C5.5.3


I, mifragted from an XP pro 32 bit system to an new computer with W7 pro 64 Bit.
I bought and installed Cubase 7,5 on 64 bit, but I also installed Cubase 5.3 in 32 Bit to finish up some old projects.

Now in this 32 Bit C5.3 there are some plugins that keep getting blacklisted (delete blacklist list, open Cubase & they’re blacklisted again :imp: ).
These are by SKNote but these are essential to the old projects, as they appear in all 11 songs, but I only have to adjust 3 of them.

If possible I would prefer not to have to find alternative plugins and then trying to match the sound to the other songs.

The plugins in question are:
Presence, Verbtone & Necklace



Anyone know how I can get them to show up again?

I had a similar situation not long ago with Nomad Factory plugins getting blacklisted. My solution can be found here …

Might be worth a shot? Or, at least point you in (hopefully) the right direction.

Good luck!

Thanks for the tip, but it didn’t work :cry:

DId you also run the 32 bit version of Cubase (with 32 Bit plugins) under 64 Bit windows?

Sorry it didn’t work for you.

I’ve only had 64-Bit versions of Cubase installed since Studio 5. IK’s Sampletank is the only 32-Bit plugin I currently have installed (not much longer).

I wish I had something else to suggest :neutral_face: .

Unfortunately Win7/8 will not run 16bit plug-ins, which suggests that your SKNote stuff may be 16bit too. Quite a few of the older plug-ins (LM4/9 drums, Voice Machine, etc) were compiled as 16 bit.

I trust these are 32 bit plug, as they aren´t that old, the original download included both 32Bit as well as 64bit versions.

I have asked the programmer for any points to a solution too, by the way.