New computer with USB e-licenser doesn't work


I am currently installing my Cubase 9.5 Pro on my NEW computer. I have a licence on USB dongle and this is recognised by my computer. However, after starting Cubase 9.5 I receive an error saying there is no licence available. I can not find the solution so far. Can anybody help me out?

(so to be clear: when opening the latest eLicenser Control Center the software recognises the licence for Cubase 9 on the dongle… so what can I do wrong?)

Sounds like you have a Cubase 9 license, and 9.5 was a paid update, so it needs its own license.

I think you are right. Thank you for this!!! Now I have a new problem; downloads online are online available from versie 9.5, not 9.0. These processes are always a disaster:(

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It is also not possible to find upgrades from 9.0 Pro (unless you want Cubase 11…)

So in my opinion Steinberg is not making it easy to buy something unless you want the latest version :smiley:

Cubase 9 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg - seems to be available from here:
Cubase 9 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg)


Thank you @glennloopez!