new computer

I need one as lenovo will not support win 10 on the T420 and this unit is aging. I have the UR44 and cubase artist 6.

This unit has a 14 inch screen but I have been looking at the 13.3 inch screens, too. Is that too small a screen for cubase?

What about the SSD’s? Should I just continue to use the 7200 RPM HD’s?

8 gigs of RAM still okay?


All of that depends entirely on what kind of projects you want to run on it.
I would personally find 14" too small already, but that aparently works for you so I can’t comment there. Just try 13.3" is my best suggestion.
SSD is nice but really not required. Cubase will take longer to start up from a hard drive, but once it’s loaded there’s really no noticable difference, so you’re probably better off saving some money there.
8 Gigs of ram should be fine for most projects, unless you run big sample libraries.

Also, stick with these specs (or better) in case you ever want to upgrade at some point.

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Thanks gentlemen; this is good to know!

I’m a singer/ songwriter just getting my feet wet with cubase and I do find the screen cluttered but doable. I will probably continue to use 14 inch screens if I can but I might move up to the 15.6 inch screen simply because there are more options.

Anybody out there actually using 13.3 inch screens with cubase?

Interestingly, I recently obtained a refurbished T510 which is older still, yet I was able to upgrade to Windows 10 and it’s working prefectly!

It is for now.

As time goes on you might find some erratic behavior. My screen is constantly dimming now especially while watching full screen videos and there appears to be no way to correct it. lenovo power management in the past could be adjusted but that option is not available in win 10.

As far as screen resolution goes, I find that there are two usage scenarios that people generally fall into, either:

a. Only like to have what they immediately need visible, so they are not distracted.

b. Like to have plenty of screen space to be able to go quickly to whatever they need to quickly.

Needless to say, the latter are doomed to an expensive monitor setup!

Laptop users will be used to having to swap windows while they work, whereas PC box users tend to want pixels, and lots of them.

I have always wanted plenty of pixels, even up to four 30" 2560x1600 monitors at once, but now have a more modest 55" 4K TV and two Dell 23.5" FHD touchscreens.

When we did our CD a decade ago, one of our musicians was looking around for a new DAW after Apple abandoned PC users of Logic. When he saw one of my earlier multi-monitor setups, he concluded that Cubase was too complex for him, but then he was used to using an 800x600 monitor for his DAW. To me, that would be like trying to watch TV through a keyhole!