New control surfaces?

Has anyone got up to date news on announcements of any new control surfaces? Seems crazy someone hasn’t spotted the gap for a minimum 32 motor fader surface that will integrate with cubase and other DAWs but without breaking the bank. The Tascam dm4800 is great value and solid but too big. I’d have that if space weren’t an issue. Not really needing Inputs, Just mixing control.

Anyone heard of anything coming soon?


Funny you should ask

Lol. That’s just cruel. I was almost drooling. Almost.

So let’s hope it has an integrated meter bridge with meters that replicate what’s going in in cubase. Touch write quality faders, 32 or more. Smallish footprint but solid build…and it
Looks as good or better thAn protools c24. I’d have one in a heartbeat.

Come on steinberg let’s know more pleaser, something to keep my wallet safe for now or I might just have to opt for something else…

Aloha a,

At what price?


I called steinberg this morning. Ollie confirmed a new audio interface announcement next week, plus a new control surface announcement in about two months. He couldn’t give me any details as they don’t get told anything until it’s ready…um ok. Let’s hope they’ve learned from Houston and that it’s a mark up from the toy that is MCU ‘pro’

There is a couple frames shot which are presumably of the surface in the dark just before the end of the vid.
Difficult to make out what’s there but doesn’t look like there’s a meter bridge or scribble strip.

At a guess it’s separate modular units…faders, knobs, drum pads are mentioned by the Asian guy plus something bleeped out…anyone any good at lipreading :wink:

I would suspect it’ll be prosumer to aim for the larger market but of course it’s all just guesswork until Sb release details.


This is a very good news - steinberg-yamaha is a good and powerfull coorporation - theres no doubt to expect a very good quality product- i"m shure ( excuse me for a bad eanglish ) - greatings from croatia

Based on that 2 frame pic I’d not get excited. Lets hope the end product looks and feels like a mixer of some kind…

I agree.

To be honest, the ad actually turns me off. 2 dark frames to keep my attention, really? Steinberg really needs to hire ME to put together their videos. :laughing: At least, on this topic. You really need to give people something more to latch onto. All the talk, to me, was blah blah blah… Show me something to catch my attention and cause my imagination to go wild. I see colored blinky lights in a black backdrop every night in my studio.

Judging by the response I’ve seen here, in the cubase and nuendo lounges and in a number of audio forums, there is not much talk going on about it. That is a telltale of how this video is going over.

Within everything though there is a gem and here I have selected my favorite quote so far in threads spawned by the video:

I thought I was going to get a look at it. Instead I half expected Big Foot to walk across that grainy video.

Amen Woodcrest. Steinberg, please give us something to chew on as that Allen and Heath gs24m is looking pretty neat so far and I have serious cash to spend.

Sort it out.

One of these mysteriously unavailable mini desks would be brilliant, either with more faders or optional extender modules

I’m hoping it’s along these lines…

Yes, there’s an absolute similarity with the WK-audio products, which is also a Germany based company.

And here you go:

That’s the interfaces, not really control surfaces. Cool stuff nonetheless :wink:

Those interfaces…USB2!!! The Market will soon be flooded with USB3 interfaces.

Backward compatibility…

Forward thinking?? USB3 alongside USB2??? Why not?

Does anyone ever reach the maximum throughput of USB2 on their audio interface though? That’d be a relevant question I think :wink:

Well, to design an interface that exceeds the connection bandwidth would be… stupid :laughing:

For what advantage? if USB 2 can handle the requirements then adding USB 3 would just add to cost for no gain!