New controller -- can't get transports to work

It’s an Akai MPK88 and it’s transmitting MIDI okay, and I can also get the mixer controls to work. But I can’t figure out how to make the transport buttons work – when I hit them I see the MIDI message in Cubase but the transport doesn’t respond.

The keyboard has 4 message options for transport: MMC, MIDI, MMC + MIDI, and CTRL. I set mine to CTRL. But I’m completely baffled as to how to set up the transport options within Cubase

Any help will be appreciated!

And what does the AKAI manual advice…? waht control protocpl do you use…? As you say, Cubase reacts on MIIDI messages…

Your best bet is to use MMC, with Cubase as slave. You have to set it up correctly, so check out pp. 436 and 437 in the ubase 5 manual.

You need to set up the Generic Remote, Doug. I would say the controller needs to be set to MIDI, also.

In either case, the the transport controls on the akai and what you use in Cubase have to be the same. If the akai is set to MMC MMC, and Cubase MMC is set up you are good to go.

Anyway this has been discussed even for your exact device I googled “Akai MPK88 cubase MMC” one of the top hits is this thread: for

I’m doing this from my head, but this is roughly what you should do

Akai transport buttons in CTRL mode

In Cubase:
1 Add a Generic Remote
2 Import the Cubase profile (locate the cubase presetfile on the Akai driver cd)
3 Add 5 new controllers (upper Add button)
4 Go to the bottom of the controller list (upper screen): you’ll see 5 new controllers, all with same Controller Name / parameters.
5 Rename the new controllers (f.e. “Play”, “Stop” etc.) and change Adress to the number you see (on the Akai LCD) when you press the specific button (I think “play” button f.e. is 116 …I’m doing this from my head…)

Now go to the bottom screen:
1 Locate your 5 new controllers
2 Change Device to “Command” or whatever you wish
3 Specify the desired action under Value/Action (f.e. Transport > play)

Apply and save the new setup

Funny, I git it working last night but then today it ain’t

It only works when I have the Akai set to “CTRL”

Thanks for the tutorial Rejo – it all works now.

I wish this keyboard had a button for “Full Return” but now that I know a bit more how to do it I suppose I could assign one of the extra drum pads to do that

Thanks gents for all the help

BTW – I did “RTFM” but it was inchoate to me :laughing: