New controller curves not always working correctly

I really love the new curves that you can use in the midi controller lanes, but I also hate them, as they do not produce reliable results.
Sometimes the midi information stutters from the value it is suppose to send back to 127 and back to the value. If this happens, I need to rewrite all my curves.
I know that this was suppose to be fixed in the first patch, but it still is not.
Anybody else is having this issue? Is this known to Steinberg? Are they working on it?
Seems to be a complex topic.

I attached a curve that is currently causing issues. Only the blue circled points are causing spikes.

try asking matthias is the most recent update thread

@vncvr thanks, not sure which Mathias you mean, there are many. Also, what is the most recent update thread, do you mean Cubase 11.0.30 Maintenance Update Available
Cubase 11.0.30 Maintenance Update Available
That is the latest version.


This one, I guess… @Matthias_Quellmann
If you (or I) mentioned his name in this thread he will get a notification about this…